Real Producers Live Facebook Interview – Chuck Griffith & Kristine Hufford

Real Producers interviewed Chuck Griffith & Kristine Hufford for a live Facebook interview.

Real and valuable behind the scenes discussion with Kristine Diane Hufford & Chuck Griffith of Columbus Title Agency of Westerville, Inc.

Combining experience and heart, Chuck Griffith, Founder/President & CEO, leads the way with his team through example. He started Columbus Title 40 years ago and he shared with us that he does not have caller ID on his office phone and ALWAYS picks up. He is an Attorney happy to provide his knowledge for their real estate agents at a moment’s notice. They are a family business and each team member is dedicated to building trust with their agents and clients. Kristine Diane Hufford is a former real estate agent and fully understands what it takes to get to the closing table!