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Overview & Instructions (Please read for your first order)

Thank you for your trust in Columbus Title Agency of Westerville and for taking the time to place an online Title Order.

We have recently re-designed our Title Order Form in hopes that it makes the lengthy process easier and more efficient for you.  Several new functionalities are now included:

  • The Title Order is paginated and you can quickly navigate to specific pages easily ad lib.
  • We have enabled a Save & Continue feature.  We do not require that you create a login for this functionality; instead, if you select this option (perhaps you need to look up some information or are called away for another matter), provide an email address and you’ll receive an email with an encrypted link back to the form.  This link will automatically expire in 30 calendar days and data submitted will not be recoverable after that time.
  • We have enabled special encryption, as well, for sensitive data fields such as S.S. or Account Numbers.
  • Prior to final submission, you have the opportunity to Review Order – this is a summary page that displays all fields in a condensed format.  If you notice something is incorrect, navigate to the desired page to correct or complete any missing information.
  • You have the option to upload files to send as attachments if they are already in an allowed digital format.  Otherwise, please fax to (614) 890.4558.
  • Upon submission, we will receive your Order via email and you will also receive a copy in an email.
  • Once you submit your Order if you find you have an error or need to provide supplemental information, please call our office directly to speak with our Order Processors.
  • The form will automatically reload within 30-seconds after submission to make it easier for you to enter another Title Order if you need to place multiple orders in a session.

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Due to increased fraud, buyers, sellers, and lenders should confirm all wiring instructions by phone directly with our office before transferring funds.

Order Title Online May 1, 2018