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View a list of 20 connect features “Real Estate Agents Love” such as: 1) Upload Profile Picture,
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Charles "Chuck" Griffith Columbus Title Agency of Westerville, Founder, President & CEO

An Open Letter from Chuck Griffith – May 27, 2020

By the middle of March 2020, it appeared the real estate industry and the professionals within it were going to have one of the best years ever under what was then considered normal times…

Chuck Griffith, President & CEO Columbus Title Agency of Westerville - Real Producers Facebook Video Interview

Real Producers Live Facebook Interview – Chuck Griffith & Kristine Hufford

Real Producers interviewed Chuck Griffith & Kristine Hufford for a live Facebook interview. … Combining experience and heart, Chuck Griffith, Founder/President & CEO, leads the way with his team through example. He started Columbus Title 40 years ago…

Columbus Title May 2020 Featured Affiliate Columbus Real Producers

Chuck Griffith is Real Producers Featured Affiliate for May 2020

Chuck Griffith and Columbus Title Agency are honored to be the Real Producers Featured Affiliate for May 2020.  You can see the original article at the link below, but we have included the text below (with permission) since it is part of a fixed graphic image and not standard, indexable text…

Prepare, don't panic - Columbus Title Agency of Westerville, Inc.

Updated Message to Clients Re: COVID19

Update 03/23/2020 subsequent to Governor Dewine’s Ohio Stay at Home Order:

Additional steps, besides those below, for your safety include smaller closing groups (no overlapping closings will be scheduled) and Buyers and Sellers to close separately. Other visitors will be allowed by appointments only.

Prepare, don't panic - Columbus Title Agency of Westerville, Inc.


We have been following the local and national news reports of how to help contain the virus and are listening to all the advisories to keep our clients and team safe.

We are taking precautions to prevent the spread of germs by wiping the closing tables and all office surfaces before and after closings.

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